Symetrify is devoted to Digital Health Product Solutions for Musculoskeletal Malfunctions.
Proper motion in everything is the secret of Life and even more so in the Human body and frame.
We at Symetrify are developing non-invasive solutions for Neuro-Musculoskeletal functional faults.

The human skeleton is a complex functional machine which is designed to allow movement while bearing weight loads in various vectors of force against gravity. The skeletal frame is managed by a complexed Neuro-Muscular web which enables us to move in tuned coordination.
Over time, motion, weight loads and vectorial forces, that functional structure may be prone to micro-injuries at weak points like the joints, soft tissues, and attachment points. Carrying body loads conjoined with kinetic patterns may impose over-stress on these structures.

Our goal is to improve structural motion to the human skeleton to fight symptoms of pain and disability by a unique technological approach which addresses causal factors. That goal achievs lasting real change to maintain healthy function, improves performance, promotes spinal longevity, prevents degenerative progression and decreases the risk of injury.

We are the creator of the L-PACT™, a revolutionizing lower back pain treatment and care - a neuro-mechanical wearable training medical device for treatment and prevention of chronic Low Back Pain.

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